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First Home Buyers Case Study

First Home Buyers
Getting Started!

Is property out of reach for young people living in Sydney? There’s obviously much discussion about this as prices skyrocket putting the dream of home ownership out of reach for most young First Home Buyers. When the going gets tough the tough get going so let’s take a look at one young couple thinking outside the box who are beginning their journey but starting the race in the slow lane. Let’s see how this can be the way to go for other young people aspiring to join in on this proven wealth creation strategy…

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Looking After Your Garage Doors

Garage Door Repairs

The humble garage door is more complex then you might think, and when they stop working, it can be a trying ordeal to carry out successful repairs. Without specialised knowledge, you might make things even worse. Have you neglected your garage doors and suddenly there seems to be a problem?

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Property Investment Masterclass

Wealth Workouts
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I had the pleasure of attending and helping out with the Wealth Workouts Property Investment Masterclass last week. There was a big turnout and a great discussion on property developed, particularly on the point of housing affordability.

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First Home Buyers Assistance 2017

First Home Buyers Assistance
It’s Time To Celebrate Sydney



It’s time to celebrate Sydney, a real incentive for first homebuyers is back! The good news is that you can take advantage of the offer if you’re purchasing an established property and there’s an extra kicker if you’re building or buying something brand new.

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More Information Required


More Information Required


MIR or More Information Required. These words terrified me when I started out as a Mortgage Broker 6 years ago. The request for more information still scares my clients and why wouldn’t it! I’m going to put your mind at ease so read on if you have had this request from your Mortgage Broker or you’re considering a home loan application in the near future.

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Wealth Workouts

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I’ve been attending these great sessions called Wealth Workouts for a year now. The events are hosted by Tristan Scifo, a Financial Planner at Innovative Wealth Management. I want to share with you a particular section or aspect that I’ve gained the most value from in a blog series but this is just an introduction.

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Cost of Burgers Keeping Millenials Out Of Sydney Property Market

sydney property market
20 Buck Burger And Fries


There has been much talk in the press lately about how difficult it will be for Millenials to ever have their own piece of the Great Australian Dream. Yes it’s true that the price of housing in this great city is reaching unobtainable heights but has anyone thought to address the skyrocketing costs of the humble hamburger in this town?

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The Travelling Mortgage Broker II – Part 2. WORK LIFE BALANCE


I was asked the question about work/life balance the other day and I had to answer that it wasn’t an issue for me.  I’m sitting in my lodge in snowy Japan writing this so obviously I’m feeling like I’ve got the balance right.

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